We present our own rpg game titled Simon Grecias: The 7 SIMS.
We have been working on it for almost 10 years and it is ongoing.

Currently the game has about 2 hours of gameplay for each route. There are 6 routes in total, and they are defined by the player's alignment towards good and evil.

Our ambition is that the final game will have about 20 hours of gameplay. Currently it's on the beta stage and the game engine is completed. In our future versions you can expect the game map to be greatly expanded, with a lot more space to be explored.

You can download the latest version of the game here:

Version 0.93:

However, it has not yet been translated so it's all in greek.

Note: In Windows 7 it must run as administrator (thanks Savvas!)

Older abandoned projects:

We were planning to make an adventure game based on the Bagasas series. No story as of yet, just a sample of the gameplay. More info is available on the forum.
You can download the mini-demonstration here (again, not translated):
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