Our stance on the refugee crisis

There has been a lot of controversy on the issue of refugees. 

We believe that it is our duty as Greeks to offer solidarity on the refugees.
It is our duty as Christians to offer help to those in need. 

The refugees have seen their homes burned down and their friends and family killed, often by torture.
They were robbed of everything they own and they even saw their ancient sites destroyed. Jihadists were shameless enough to post videos online doing all that. Refugees are not here for fun, not even for a "better" life. They are here to simply survive. Why are they being identified as immigrants?
It would be a shame to our ancestors to be afraid of every ravaged poor soul just because they "might be in the future" our enemy or because 1 out of 1000 might be a terrorist. Our ancestors even saved enemy solders during wartime. Makriyiannis saved even a turkish lord during the Independence War, in 1940 our solders saved the lives of wounded Italian solders during the invasion.
Besides, many of the refugees are Christians who experienced what our grandfathers have been through with Kemal in Asia Minor. 
The EU are shown themselves hypocrites. After decades of attacking our traditions to internationalize us, now it violates International Law on Human Rights by practically denying sanctuary to refugees.

The recession is no excuse not to help. As EU demonstrated so well with both the refugees and our country, those who have money tend to be more reluctant to give them compared to those who don't.
Having said that, we do believe it is obvious that the EU is just using us to hold the refugees in order to avoid taking them in in their own countries. This article is not directed at commenting on government or EU policies. Humanitarian values are part of our national identity and we do believe that as citizens we should aid those ravaged by war no matter where they're from. When the war is over, of course they should be repatriated, but not a day earlier, regardless of how long that takes.
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